September 26, 2019

Emily Borucki | 2020 Senior

What a fabulous session with Emily!! First of all, I have to commend Emily’s older sister who was present for the entire photoshoot! She was completely part of the process, and really participated with everything from clothing and styling to cheering her little sis from the sidelines. I loved seeing the special bond between these sisters and although you can’t see her in the pictures her sister was just as much a part of this photoshoot. I did grab one photo of Emily and her sister which you can see at the end of this post! Our senior photoshoot took place in and around Grand Rapids, Michigan. Check out all of these gorgeous locations!

One of the things that Emily wanted for her photoshoot is lots of fields and flowers! That’s truly her element and so we wanted to make that a huge part of her photoshoot. Emily found this gorgeous sunflower field and so we headed there for her 3rd location. It was the perfect time of day with all that gorgeous golden hour sunlight!

Halfway through our time at the sunflower field we did a quick outfit change and of course her adorable puppy had to jump in the shot! You should have seen him running through the flowers and having the time of his life in between sets. He was so happy!

I loved the outfit choices Emily brought, she brought an assortment of hats, jewelry and casual to dressier looks to use throughout her photoshoot. An important part of any photoshoot is pulling pieces that truly represent who you are and that you feel amazing in!

Emily chose to do her dressier look downtown which is an awesome choice! Doesn’t Emily look absolutely gorgeous!?!?

And as promised an adorable image of Emily and her sister, Kassie! (and their cute pooch!)

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