September 28, 2019

Avery Gauthier | 2020 Forest Hills Senior

Urban/Downtown Look

Avery absolutely knocked this look out of the park! When thinking about locations the vibe of the outfit should match the scene but also the color scheme should be cohesive! Look at how beautiful Avery’s pink top looks by the florals while the next look with the denim jacket is complemented perfectly by the white washed brick.

What Makes You Unique?

Avery has been dancing for 15 years! She’s worked hard to get where she is and hopes to dance for a college team. We couldn’t leave this important aspect of who Avery is out of the photoshoot! Since Avery already has a lot of images from her many years of dancing we opted to do something a little different for the dance portion of her photoshoot.

Choosing Your Wardrobe

Avery’s advice is to choose something you feel comfortable and confident in! For her, this boho white dress was a favorite, which looked perfect against the backdrop of a field of flowers.

Avery looked absolutely stunning in every look! Once the sun started to set though, we were able to get some really gorgeous “Golden Hour” light which brought a magical/dreamy quality to Avery’s images.

Meaningful Locations

Our last location was a special one for Avery! Over the years she has taken pictures by this gorgeous grey barn for many occasions. Proms, Homecomings, and more have been documented in front of this landmark by her home.

All About Avery:

What’s on your bucket list of things to do or see? Travel to Bora Bora, visit Paris, be on a college dance team and go sky diving.

Fun facts about you! I love to draw and be creative. I love to dance and have been dancing for 15 years! I also love to travel and explore.

Tell me 2 truths and 1 lie: I love cats, I won first place at a competition, I’ve been to Greece.

What kind of look were you going for in your senior photos? I was going for a nature and kind of boho vibe.

How was your experience during your senior shoot? AMAZING! Michelle and her team are incredible at what they do. They made me feel so comfortable and I’m so happy with how the pictures turned out.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to anyone getting their senior photos taken? Wear what makes you feel comfortable and what you feel confident in. Have fun and enjoy the process, it’s something you’ll cherish forever!

How many outfits did you bring to your photoshoot? I brought seven or eight outfits.

Would you have taken more or less, reasons why? I ended up not wearing all of my outfits, so I probably could’ve taken less.

Did you accessorize differently with each outfit? Yes, I tried to accessorize differently with each outfit.

Any tips on how to prepare for the session or must have things to bring? I would definitely do the fashion consult with Michelle, that helped a lot. I would also look at her page or even Pinterest to get outfit ideas beforehand and know what kind of vibe you want for pictures.

Any tips on hair/makeup? Where did you get your inspiration for this? Did you bring in pictures or have a plan prior to your styling? I did not have an exact plan on what I wanted for hair but I talked to the makeup artist and told her what I liked.

Did you find a store that had everything you were looking for? I ended up getting most of my clothes from Free People and Altar’d State.

What ended up being your favorite outfit and why? My favorite outfit was my long white lace dress because it went really well with the field and I loved the way it looked in the pictures.

Is there anything you would have done differently for your shoot? Not at all! The shoot went perfectly.

What was your favorite thing about your session or the overall experience? My favorite thing was being able to spend time with Michelle and her team. We laughed a lot and had such a good time!

Why do you think senior portraits are important? They are very important because they symbolize adulthood and me entering a new part of my life.

Why did you choose Michelle Cuppy to take your senior pictures? I chose Michelle because I have always loved her work. For two years now I knew I wanted her to do my pictures after seeing all of her beautiful work.

Looking for inspiration for your photoshoot? Click HERE to head over to the Michelle Cuppy Photography Pinterest page!

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