January 24, 2018

Up Your Phone Photography Game!

It is SO easy to take your phone photography game up a notch.  That’s why today I’m posting a little tutorial on how to incorporate some cool effects and make your Instagram feed stand out from the rest.

Here’s a little before and after using my new favorite app, Snapseed!  If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out on some amazing features.  The tutorial I’m doing here today is using the Double Exposure effect.

Keep reading to learn how easy this is to do this yourself!

Double Exposure How To:

  1. You can do this with any two images but if you want to get maximum cool effect here’s a tip:  Use a photo of someone wearing a dark top against a white background.  My photo is pretty close but if you took a photo of someone wearing a black shirt against a white wall or a totally white sky this would look even better
  2. Open the image of your subject in Snapseed.  In the tools menu choose crop and crop out any background you don’t want
  3. Go to Tools then tune image and decrease the saturation until your image is totally black and white.  Add a little contrast here too
  4. Go to Structure in the Tools menu and increase to about +50
  5. Go to Double Exposure in the Tools menu and  you will then be in double exposure mode.  You’ll see a little image icon with a plus symbol next to it.  Click on that to add your second image.  (note: I used a photo with a mountain and fog but I didn’t take that photo.  I found that on www.unsplash.com.  It’s an awesome resource to find free photos that you can play around with!)
  6. Once your second image is added you can decrease or increase how prominent it is in the image with the Opacity feature.  It looks like a little water droplet, tap on that and you can increase or decrease it in the slider.
  7. You can also use the other feature in the double exposure menu which looks like a stack of tags.  This allows you to choose between features like subtract, add, and overlay that changes the look of your image.

Play around and have fun with it!!  If you post anything I’d love to see it, just use the hashtag #MCPTutorials



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