November 27, 2016

Llama Farm Senior Session-Grand Rapids, Michigan Photographer

Oh dear, this was a good one.  We had to do a little driving to get to the location for Cara’s senior session but it was so worth it.  cara-1Rolling fields, wildflowers, floppy hats, and beautiful sunshine.  What a day.
cara-2There is so much beauty in just walking along, gathering flowers to take back home.  I cherish a vase of wildflowers I gathered on a walk more than any arrangement that can be bought in a store.
cara-3Light dappling in through the slats of the barn, I could just spend a whole afternoon lounging around in hay reading a book.
cara-4And here we have the real reason we drove all the way out to this farm.  The llamas.  I found them to be very sweet and sensitive creatures.  And a little shy.
cara-5 The baby. Oh, the baby llama.cara-6We all wanted to be llama farmers by the end of the shoot.
cara-7 Who doesn’t like to twirl with a beautiful dress in a garden??
cara-8Cara has such a sweet spirit, it shines right through.cara-9This light.cara-10I somehow convinced Cara we could get her up into a tree.  We did.  It was worth it.
cara-11 cara-12The senior year of high school is like no other.  So scary but so exciting to be moving on to this next stage of life!cara-13My advice: never lose that child like nature.  Let it be with you as you move into adulthood, and don’t forget to still run and play in the field!cara-14Much luck Cara, but you probably don’t need it.  You’re going to be amazing.cara-15



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