October 5, 2016

Apple Orchard Senior Session

First of all, I LOVED this photoshoot!  The entire shoot took place at Robinette’s Orchard in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It was a beautiful fall day, with beautiful colors and scenery and after 4 days straight of rain I was more than excited to have a nice day to get out!

I met Emily on the day of her photoshoot but what I didn’t know is that I kind of already knew her!  Through people I know, I heard a story a while back about a young girl who had just recently transferred to a new school (that was Emily!)  Within a few months of transferring to this new school she collapsed on the soccer field while playing soccer and went into cardiac arrest.  The new school she was attending saved her life, because attached to this new school was a wellness center with a lifeguard on duty.  When Emily collapsed she had minutes to live due to a rare heart disorder she didn’t know she had and without the help of a lifeguard on duty, may have died on that soccer field.   While Emily was getting her hair and makeup done for the photoshoot she told us her story and it was in that moment I realized I knew exactly who she was!  I’m so grateful that I got a chance to know her and I just have a feeling she’s going to do some amazing things in her life.  She’s smart, spirited, and has an absolutely gorgeous smile!  Check out these beautiful pics of Emily, class of 2017!!!!

emily18emily13emily12emily8emily62emily6 emily7emily65 emily56emily61emily55 emily54emily63emily53emily45 emily44 emily42emily39emily32 emily31emily27emily25


Have a great year Emily!!



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