August 6, 2016

Why I Still Love Film

These days it seems, patience can be in short supply.  Our family of 8 is pretty busy and we rush around a lot…from this event to that event, school, practices and games for the kids.  We hurry out to pick up groceries, drop off the mail, run to the store for last minute supplies for a science project. Summer is a time when we can all be a little lazy and those slower days are absolutely glorious.  When I have time to relax, I tend to think about what is most important in life and for me it is connection with my loved ones and being true to  myself.  I take time to read, explore nature, and recently on our trip to Alaska, I got out my film camera to enjoy and take photos of flowers.  Film is not for when you are in a hurry, film is for when you want to savor and enjoy.

Benefits of Film

1. It slows you down.

With digital, it doesn’t really matter.  You can take pictures of everything and anything.  Bad light?  Doesn’t matter.  Subject not interesting?  Who cares.  You can either just delete it or try fixing it in an editing software.  With film I slow way down to make sure I get my shot.  I check and double check to make sure the focus is perfect.  I work hard to get the best angle.  I have 36 chances on that roll of film and I don’t want to blow it.


2. The photos are permanent

How many of you out there are developing the hundreds if not thousands of digital photos you have in your collection?  If not you should, and soon!  Film forces you to do just that.


3. They just look better!

The tones, the colors, everything  pops.  Photographers of all types are out there processing digital files in photoshop and other editing software to emulate the look of film.  Why?  Because it’s awesome.


4. Film cameras are cheap.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a top of the line film camera.  Sure, expensive film cameras exist, but you can also get a great used one for under $100 and have something really beautiful to show for it.


5. You can still use film and don’t have to give up the perks of digital!

I found an amazing company that develops the film, makes prints, and digitizes it for you all at once!  These photos were sent back to me in print form and I also received digital files via email.  Check them out here.


6. The element of surprise.

You can do your best to avoid errors but sometimes they happen anyway.  And sometimes, I love errors.


7. It’s easier.

I’ve spent years getting to know my digital camera and all it’s capable of and I’m a photographer!  Most people find digital cameras to be much more complex than they want or need.  Film cameras are simple.  You load the film in and you take the picture.


8.  Film is timeless.

There’s a reason why digital cameras have taken over yet somehow, film still carries on.  In fact, it’s making such a comeback that clients are beginning to ask for some part or all of their sessions in both family and wedding portraiture to be done with film.  We will always have digital but I think a lot of people still long for the quality and timelessness of film too.


9. It’s something old, yet new.

It’s been a long time since digital cameras became the norm and for the average person, 80% of photos are taken with their phone.  Let’s break out of our comfort zone!  I know I would not enjoy these as much if they were just snapshots I took with my phone.


10. Kids can do it too.

To me, it is incredibly special to share my passion with my children.  A film camera is easy to use and inexpensive enough that they can have their own.  Show them how to push the button and see what magic they create!

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Happy film shooting!




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